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Until June by Sophie Dorsten

When you listen to the song for the first time, you think that it is a song based on a simple melody. But with each passing second, the song connects the listener with one more piece. I really liked the detail of adding a different sound to the melody as the song progressed. Some people may think that some parts of such songs are weak in terms of sound variety, but I did not feel any weakness in terms of instrumental or any sound variety. On the contrary, I really liked the rhythm and flow of the song.

When Sophie's wonderful voice is added to this melody, which sprinkles water on the soul of the listener like a spring rain, such a beautiful song has emerged. In this song, the artist shows us how professionally she can use her voice. You can see how impressively she touches the top and bottom notes. In addition, it is clear how much she embraced the song and the melody. She sings the song with such a feeling that the listener suddenly finds himself dancing in the blue fields. Based on Sophie's successful performance of the song and how she conveyed all the emotions of the song perfectly to the audience, it would not be wrong to say that the Artist has a long and successful path ahead.

Sophie Dorsten, took her place on with her single “Until June” in the genre of indie music. We wish our undiscovered artist to success in his music career and hope she stays with music!

You can click here to reach the artist's instagram address!

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