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"sub rosa" by Wish Queen and Muzzy Fossa

sub rosa is an energetic, vibe filled, 80’s house track with a modern twist. Written by Cleveland-based producer Muzzy Fossa (funky, electronic, and dance-pop inspired) and accompanied by brilliant lyricist and powerhouse vocalist, Wish Queen (comparable to Angel Olsen, Weyes Blood, and Fiona Apple), this unique combination gifts listeners with a clever danceable, synth filled track. Mixed by London-based engineer Oliver Wright, repped by the famous “Solar Management” team. This catchy, upbeat, groovy song is the perfect addition to any playlist meant for long warm nights dancing under flashing lights. Have you ever had a secret love affair? Have you ever kept a secret for more than a day? Want to feel like you can? This song’s for you.

Wish Queen is a brand new musical project by Grace Sullivan of Cleveland, OH. Mystical and soothing, Grace’s lyrics read like poetry, and her melodies range from danceable pop to deliciously introspective moody tunes you’d love to sit alone and cry to. Influenced by a variety of artists including Rosalia, Julia Jacklin, and Ethel Cain, Grace puts her own refreshing twist on her songs. With remnants of sweet nostalgic ballads mixed in with new age effects and production styles, Wish Queen takes that inexplicable feeling of desire and yearning, and makes it into music. Wish Queen is currently working on her debut 8 song solo-album, “SATURNALIA” which will be released in Spring of 2023. A hypnotic blend of dream pop, art pop, and indie folk, SATURNALIA explores the process of self actualization, growing up, and coming to terms with the cyclical nature of life in the midst of all its celebrations and sufferings.

Muzzy Fossa is new Cleveland-based producer Nathaniel Hunt. In collaborating with multiple artists and many projects, Muzzy Fossa is quickly accumulating a vast body of work. Muzzy aims to be genre-breaking, immersive and nostalgic, with an overhaul of sound and movements. The beats are popping, fun, and always danceable, often grounded with a shoe-gazy overtone that creates a rich sonic experience. Using synthesizers, expressive bass lines, and field recordings, Muzzy Fossa creates cinematic musical landscapes.

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