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Slow Emotion - Mardi Lumsden

There’s no stopping Australian indie-pop charmer Mardi Lumsden as she releases her fourth track this year (and the title track) from her sophomore album “Slow emotion” on 1 December 2022.

“Slow emotion” is a glittering nu-disco gem that will keep you grooving all night. The smooth disco beats and funk bass weave the story of falling for your best friend. The story, in fact, of Mardi and husband/producer/co-writer Andrew Pennay.

With a hypnotic groove and lush, layered chorus it’s hard not to grapevine to “Slow emotion” as Lumsden delicately describes wanting more than friendship, but not wanting to ruin a good thing. “It’s about taking the chance and telling someone how you feel, and hoping they feel the same way,” she says.

With hints of Leisure, “Slow emotion” is the title track of Lumsden’s sophomore album. Each song was carefully crafted as part of a song-a-week challenge. The 8-track album transverses disco, indie pop and stargazer anthems and is being released one song at a time.

Lumsden is riding high on her last release “nineteen”, which was picked up by several international music blogs and radio including Obscure Sound, POPMUZIK, Illustrate Magazine, It’s all Indie, Existential Magazine, South Sydney Herald and The MIC.

Almost entirely self-sufficient, “Slow emotion” is self-released, self-produced and recorded in their Brisbane home (a converted church). The track was mixed by UK-based Charlie Holmes (Aurora, Ed Sheeran, Anne Marie) and mastered by Simon Francis (Charlie Puth, Julia Stone, Björk).

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