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PHONK KING by Dabllex

Before we start our article, let's share with you what Phonk is. Phonk is a sub-genre of hip-hop and trap music and is based on "Memphis Rap". Phonk is a dark music genre consisting of different “distorting techniques” and unrecognizable lines of words. Most phonk listeners associate this genre with gyms and cars. In addition, it can be said that "drift phonk", which emerged in Russian culture and identified with cars, has an important place in phonk history.

To begin with our review, in “PHONK KING” the artist preferred to stay out of the usual drift/aggressive phonk music genre. He focused on the melody without using heavy and aggressive basses. There is not a tone that is common in some amateur/beginner artists, which makes it difficult to listen to or raspy in any part of the song. Based on this, it would not be wrong to say that the artist approached the song professionally and provide the balance in the song. The artist preferred a relatively softer background than the popular phonk songs. Although some listeners think that this softness is not suitable for the essence of the phonk genre, I think that this song has a psychedelic tone that intimidates our ears and souls and that motivates the listener. Based on this feature, I don't think it contradicts the structure of Phonk music at all. It can easily be said that it is a very successful and eccentrical song in general terms.

In any case, our artist, like the listeners, says that phonk music creates a dark motivation and he progresses to his goals thanks to this motivation. Dabllex, also shared with us that KSLV Noh, Playamane and Kordhell ​​are some of the artists who inspired him on his journey into phonk music.

Dabllex, took his place on with his second single “PHONK KING” in the genre of phonk music. We wish our undiscovered artist to success in his music career and hope he stays with music!

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